ralph keeton exorcisms

Exorcisms.co.uk has TV psychic / medium at the helm. He deals with ghosts or spirit energies in many different ways as a medium and exorcist the two worlds collide.

As a medium he works with the media on many levels always looking at educating and teaching on hauntings to those unwary and those in knowledge. Ne continually tours World Wide, read his own story here and see why he says "death and I have a strange arrangement ...." .

  • haunted homes

    Are you safe in your own home. You decide by reading others actual events.

    Hear about the UK's Real Monster House (filmed for Steven Speilberg's Monster House film).

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  • haunted films

    Films and TV programs are based on fact but turned into fictional imagery or storylines.

    What happens when it becomes reality, Ralph works with the media to help define this world.

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  • poltergiest and shape shifters

    Did you know Einstien and Edison both understood energy and were investigating spirit energy.

    Look here at the more unusual Ghost Energies and their capabilities.

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  • ghost walks

    Exorcisms Ghost Tour / Nights A horrible history tour of various picturesque places in the Uk. These unusual tours are supplemented by overnight stays. You WILL be expected to part-take in meeting the entities....

  • exorcisms.co.uk

    Exorcisms. Love it or Hate it dealing with spirit energy forms can be exhilirating, envigorating and extending in mind body and soul.

  • Angels and Demons

    Angles & Demons. Believe in both and you're level headed. It's true to say - "You never walk alone"......

  • ghost films

    Real Film Footage. Real footage captured by those looking for energies and those unsuspecting innocent camera operators filming other things.