Exorcisms - Angels and Demons

Warning Exorcism to exorcise your right to evoke an Angel or Devil is your right. But not often do we realise the consequences of such actions, generally Angels mean well however Devils are all together another ill. It is true to say NEVER wish for something bad, as you may suffer the rebound of it. The same is true to Angels; they often have repercussions we often had not thought of. Why should there be any difference in an Angels wishes or a Devils....

Many people want to know the difference between spiritual guides and angels. Actually, they are not too dissimilar they help when you require them. People will also tell you it is your departed loved ones or people you have known that are helping you from the other side and this is true.

Keep in mind An Angel may not be the heavenly winged messenger you think of, often they are spirit energies willing to do good work for you without a thought for themselves. A Devil is not often the red horned evil looking creature conjured up in many fantasy books, they are often energies ready to wreak havoc at the simplest chance.

As a team we have investigated many different cases of 'Visitations' or 'Devilish' energies and each has merited time to think, discuss and analyse to the finest of degrees. In all cases those affected are also part of the investigation for all believed they had been part of something higher than the ordinary person could imagine. In the case files here the public have not sought publicity, fame or money. They simply needed answers good or bad, however we have endeavoured to pass on information to help you understand or place you in their footsteps.

Extreme cases of Angels and Demons

  • demons by exorcisms co uk Devil's are never the same to any two individuals to deal with a devil you first have to understand the devil and then think like a devil to outwit one. Remember that they are here to trick you, so keep in mind what you're about to do. One thing, Be smart and above all be SAFE

    Trick but no treat, being positive with a negative....

  • A demon or two? The Report: "Ask yourself a question, how long would you cope with a bad feeling?"

    There you are sitting in a flat over looking the sea, its new but a little a small. You hear a noise but you ignore it, then your whole world is turned upside down as you feel the terror of another enter your domain. How long would you last when your world is upside down.?/p>

  • exorcised woman A bump in the night. Only this time it's you thats the bump and being thrown around isn't that funny.

    What amazes me today is how people perceive & recall Devils and the list usually includes grotesque, foul stench's, evil eyes and yet this seems more to fantasy than fact. Devils come in many shapes, sizes & looks but its not their role to scare you for they draw you in and then tempt you.

  • exorcism nun A home that wasn't yours. The client: " I knew from the beginning that this home didn't feel right but I passed this off as a silly notion, how I regret it. The noises and object thrown are driving my family out..."

    BWho are your Guardian Angels? The Report: "No ordinary way of dealing with Voodoo. Many types of Voodoo spirit energy, spell casting and deep rooted religious meanings." Case noste with held Your guardian angels are actually master souls who have "graduated" from the earth plane and are helping you to get where they are spiritually. You chose them before you were born and have been with you every step of the way. This is why you may have had "imaginary playmates" when you were a small child.

  • When children attack. The client: " Look I wouldn't normally call you but my child is starting fires, attacking others and now has become another person all together. It's as though he looks through me and is talking to someone else. What do I do?"

    At an early age children are vulnerable not only to humans but energies. Here I had to deal with an energy first, the child and then enlist the help of a medical team.

  • Stress and Spirit?. The client: "I'm not mad before you think I am, but why does it seem that when I get stressed do things start to happen? I've seen a huge ball of light that looked like a mini earth, seen my keys move across the floor and now my neighbour says I waved at her from my bedroom window when I was at work."

    We are energy and often our own heightened energy disturbs those energies around us. Here I was met by something new and yet strong enough to manifest itself to let others see it.

Looking at Angels

The word "angel" in general terms means "messenger," from the original Hebrew and Greek. The original artists took the wings of a dove and put them on the body of a small child or "cherub." They really don't have wings because they are pure spirit or energy, Arch Angels are different from this again (Wings and All). When they manifest around you, you'll feel "chills" or "goose-bumps" on your physical body.

ANGELS work with us, not for us.
Remember Angels will 'guide you'.
Advising you, if you listen.
Angels cannot do for you, itís up to you in the end.

ANGELS provide thought and meaning.
You have to feel the way to deliver good.
Angels are strong of mind and pure of thought.
By asking your Angel you are cleansing yourself.

ANGELS will in our natural life, show you by signs.
Forming light or word associations with you.
Bonding your inner truth to you.
ANGELS do work together with you.

ANGELS will listen and provide you with the answer.
They take many forms in life.
You are touched by an Angel everyday...look for it!

Other demons

Demons strike in all religions or faiths, no matter what. They strive to counter or balance life's expectant ones. We are not born of evil we are made to it; such is the treatment we deal in life. So let's be fair evil as a word written backwards is to 'live'. Therefore juxtaposed together to live is to have evil around the corner. Dealing with this is why many of us are positive energies realising that the threat of evil is a backwards step and to be forthright or forward thinking will keep you on the right path.

Today with life we treat this archfeinds name in vain yet invoke the thoughts or energies in ourselves. Take for example the amount of times you've said "What the devil", "Who the devil" or "Where the devil". Below are common terms often used to provide our minds a consatnt reminder of both good and evil

Please note: Information contained within this site is my personal opinion, you must read and make your own minds as to how this affects you personally.