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Welcome to the 'Deadly Ghosts' of Alnwick town.

From TV, Radio and Film - Ralph Keeton will be hosting and walking with you on your own Ghost Walk adventure. Ralph recently starred on the BBC's program 'I Believe' with Joe Swash (Eastenders) and ITV's 'Show People' as well as working alongside 'Most Haunted' and alike. Ralph's major documentary 'Monster House' was filmed by Steven Spielberg and his crew to feature alongside the 3D animated film of Ralph's true story.

Ralph has been asked to take you on a Ghost walk with a 'Real' difference. Your host is not only a medium but also known UK wide as an exorcist! Ralph will help you meet your spirit friends and also those not so friendly ..

The walk consists of touring, seeing, meeting and greeting 'real' ghosts of the past still living with us everyday. If you're lucky you'll meet those that follow you!.

Alnwick is a unique ghostwalk taking in over 1 000 years of turbulent history.

On the Alnwick Ghostwalk, Exorcist/Medium Ralph Keeton will explain the background of haunting's STILL taking place today in many of the buildings and surrounding areas. The haunting's taking place have been talked about and documented using the publics own recorded sightings, backed up by paranormal investigators, and, Ralph's own meetings with the ghostly spirits living with us today.

Alnwick is today a picturesque town but was once a hive of activity as a martket town, one of the most important in the Northumbrian County in the late 12th to 19th Centuries. From aspects of the tour it is hard to imagine the days of old and the conditions once lived in. Many vagabonds, scounderels, murderers and witch's survived in and around this market town during these periods. The town now appears to be a sleepy hollow of its former self, but as night draws in the atmosphere changes dramatically.

Of course don't expect any brightly light places, for those scarey moments you'll be taken down dark alleys, stand next to ghostly apparitions, hear strange noises, see unusual sights and walk where dead bodies were once left to deteriorate.

As you're walking with Ralph you may find him picking up on your own family and friends who've joined you on this ghostly walk. Ralph has on many ocassions stopped a walk to provide personal readings, as Ralph states "It's not up to me who joins us, if they want to talk I'm obliged to pass on the messages....good or unsavoury"

The walk will take you to the 'darker side' where you will meet and greet the dead personally. The dead return to meet you and if you think this is not real try the walk alone and you'll soon see. Be prepared as you hang around the shallow graves, look through haunted windows or talk about the dead but whatever happens DON'T RUN they'll catch you!

You can and should ask questions on ghosts, investigation work and may be Ralph's own work throughout the world. As the walk progresses you will be asked by Ralph to try out your own abilities in many locations, sceptic or not you should try and find your inner 'psychic' and be amazed at your own results.

The End of the tour could literally be the Beginning of your "spiritual journey"

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Details and Bookings

  1. Prices:-
  2. Per Adult 10.00
  3. Per Child (under 12) 5
  4. Children are the responsibility of the Adult
  5. Available Thursdays and Fridays from 8 pm in front of Bondgate Tower, Alnwick.
  6. Group booking of 10 or more please ring 078 87 55 10 69
  7. Special group bookings on other days by appointment on 078 87 55 10 69
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Provided are training sessions through these walks for business talks on team building, confidence training or motivational speaking along with many other uses.