Exorcisms - Haunted Homes

Warning to exorcise an entity should only be done by qualified, sound and grounded people - such as Religious professionals or trained Psychics, whose own beliefs are strong.

Exorcisms in the home are, in a nut shell, the removal of an entity from the location where a clean atmosphere is required. . Even in today's modern homes there is a requirement for a clearance of unwanted energies, for you'd be surprised where a ghostly energy will pop up.

Before we begin remember something important, it’s not always evil or nasty entities that need removing, sometimes it’s the stubborn or unwilling energies that have to be negotiated with as well. As with real life all people are different, so there's no change in dealing with an entity remembering each case will not be the same.

No one has written a book on how to really deal with these energies and therefore there is no right or wrong way to deal with each case. The experience of the Exorcist is critical to dealing with all those concerned

Exorcism cases

  • monster house exorcisms co uk A home soon to become famous! The client: "You've been recommended to me and we really need your help. This started 25 years ago....."

    So what do you say when you get a call from America and a Famous movie producer has heard of what you're doing in a home you're working on and he wants to film it?...

  • homes from hell A call from Antix Productions The client wrote: "We need you to be on stand by and help the homes we are going into by clearing them for us and the public"

    Having work with the Most Haunted crew some years back I agreed. Little did I realise I'd lose my tooth over it in a fearsome fight with a spirit!.

  • exorcised woman When things go wrong! The client wrote: "I pray you can help. The home seems to have a mind of it's own, like its alive"

    Approaching this home I took my time for I could feel things were not normal. I knew I'd have to visit a few times to deal with this case.

Example of Exorcism Rites - Religious

The exorcist should begin the ‘Rite’ with the sign of the cross as well as a sprinkling with blessed water where the purification received in Baptism is recalled. This is then followed by the litany of the saints asking for God's mercy. At the end of the exorcist’s divination, the exorcist may offer a Psalm or prayer.

A sign of the presence of Christ is made, followed by the Gospel, since Christ through his word proclaimed in Church relieves the sicknesses of all. The laying of hands on the possessed follows with an invocation of the Holy Spirit. The Creed is recited with a renewal of baptismal promises, including a renunciation of Satan followed by the Lord's Prayer.

The exorcist traces the sign of the cross to invoke the power of Christ over the devil. A prayer follows, along with, if it seems appropriate, an imperative formula by which the exorcist commands the devil to leave. This rite may be repeated, as deemed necessary by the authorised exorcist.

The Introduction to the rite reminds the exorcist of the importance of prayer and fasting and the roles which the parents, friends, confessor and spiritual director of the possessed may take. An exorcism should be conducted with church procedures whenever possible and in the presence of images of the crucified Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The exorcist is urged to note the importance of a constant knowledge of the physical and psychological state of those present along with the necessity to patiently support the possessed, never doubting the help of God or the office of the Church.

While a only those close to the possessed may be present for the exorcism, they should pray and refrain from repeating any outspoken words which belong only to the authorised exorcist. Finally, the Introduction offers guidance for the happy occasion when a possession has been delivered from demonic oppression.

The Home or abode should be cleansed by the sprinkling of holy water and parting of the correct holy words. Thus blessing the house to be clean and delivered into the light. Family and friends connected also invited to be cleansed and brought into the light and glorious ways.