Exorcisms - Pure Energy - Poltergeists

Warning to exorcise an entity should only be done by qualified, sound and grounded people - such as Religious professionals or trained Psychics, whose own beliefs are strong. Particularly dealing with these High Energies requires a skill only experience in these matters will teach you.

One question I am often asked is can you train me to be an Exorcist. Simply put "NO!". This is one category no training will ever prepare you for and is certainly a risk to yourself, but mainly others. It's similar to thinking that when you've passed your driving test you've become a racing driver.

Keep in mind An exorcism at this level of spiritual energy, requires you to handle yourself with respect, have others respect and be prepared (very prepared) for the real unexpected twists and turns you'll put YOUR OWN mind, body and soul through. No training will ever allow you to feel the might of the energy you'll be encountering, it will in most cases be more experienced than you.

So how do you deal with energies at this level? My answer is you have to be fit in mind and body and never, never, never under estimate the power you are dealing with. If you have any doubts you become a liability to others and yourself !

Over my time I have investigated and conducted different paranormal experiments and evaluated others experiences in such a way to form both biased or unbiased opinions. Everyone's stories and 'manifestations' are different, requiring many different processes of validation. Each high entity, shape shifting apparition or engaged energy force works in a completely different manner and for differing reasons, this therefore gives 'YOU' a very close and personal experience - nice or tainted.

Extreme exorcism cases

  • A Case of VOODOO! The Report: "No ordinary way of dealing with Voodoo. Many types of Voodoo spirit energy, spell casting and deep rooted religious meanings."

    They say where Angels fear to tread, but courage & belief will overcome. This was one of the most dangerous cases to deal with you could imagine. Many parts of this case are with held but here are some malicious and life threatening energies and beliefs to deal with !

  • exorcised woman Harming you?. The client wrote: "I awoke one night to feel that I was pinned down on the bed, I couldn't move ...."

    A move too far by any respectful energy. Here we have a case of fighting fire with fire and being prepard?

  • exorcism nun A home that wasn't yours. The client: " I knew from the beginning that this home didn't feel right but I passed this off as a silly notion, how I regret it. The noises and object thrown are driving my family out..."

    Be careful what you wish for, often the energy 'knows' what you desire really. Here we had to change our own mind set even though we knew it was dangerous....

  • When children attack. The client: " Look I wouldn't normally call you but my child is starting fires, attacking others and now has become another person all together. It's as though he looks through me and is talking to someone else. What do I do?"

    At an early age children are vulnerable not only to humans but energies. Here I had to deal with an energy first, the child and then enlist the help of a medical team.

  • Stress and Spirit?. The client: "I'm not mad before you think I am, but why does it seem that when I get stressed do things start to happen? I've seen a huge ball of light that looked like a mini earth, seen my keys move across the floor and now my neighbour says I waved at her from my bedroom window when I was at work."

    We are energy and often our own heightened energy disturbs those energies around us. Here I was met by something new and yet strong enough to manifest itself to let others see it.

Poltergeist, Shape Shifter, Evil Entity etc.

A 'Poltergeist' is an energy that is simply a noise maker. However this may take on a different meaning when they are able to move objects to make a noise.

These forms take on titles such as elemental, intelligent personality, spirit power, energy enforcer, imp, demon, devil or a 'familiar'.

These energies are generally mischevious, destructive, cruel, erractic, audacious, ill-disposed, very resourceful and above all down right persistant. to a level beyond most natural control.

It is very wrong to assume this is the work of a devil or devlish spirit. Your assumtions will lead you astray, for the word poltergeist is a recent one not known until the beginning of the 1900's in the UK.

Look at the word 'EVIL', turn it around to describe 'LIVE', yes these energies are alive, real and capable of more than your imagination can cope with. The real dealings of these energies is not for the likes of film or tv fantasy, but in reality are far more imposing and mind bending than any special effects known.

As mankind we have one major flaw, that of our own minds for we can easily be distracted, invent where there was nothing and repeat in a more dramatic way. Simply listen to someone whose had a fright and get them to repeat it some hours later and you'll see differences occur.

Be aware that in most cases of 'High Energy' activities we have helped train, develop and mature these phenomena's. Therefore combine our minds wish's for bad and add it to the training we give a 'poltergeist' and it will always link to us by using it's own learned strengths and weaknesses. Be very aware you are dealing with high status energies that are intelligent enough to react to us in a ways that you have helped it to achieve. Therefore only a fool would under-estimate it's potential.

What I will say again and again is please donít jump to a preconceived conclusion. 99.9% of my time is spent dealing with misconceived energies making good of things. So now youíll be wondering about the 0.1% (well donít go there, OK!).