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Film work

'Monster House' Speilberg / Zemeckis Film in real event

Working for the Top hollywood producers on a real life case.

So imagine if you will, being able to communicate with spirit and finding yourself challenged both psychically and mentally. The problem here was a 'Spirit Energy' in a home both aggressive and protective. Spirit energies in conflict with themselves as well the living is not the easiest of spirit energies to deal with and it would prove not to be easy on the uninitiated film crew about to take part in a live filming event.

Filming started easy enough but as the family are participating loud noises and a coldness suddenly arrived, the now nervous film crew carried on interviewing the family with a heightened sense of anticipation. The family explained how they'd coped for the 15 years and how it had affected them. Explaining about an evil 'ghost' causing bad atmosphere's, moving objects (small at first), smashing a toilet cistern to appearing to them in one room. The father explained further about the second 'friendlier' ghost and how she'd treated for them in the meantime.

tv psychic ralph keeton

Exorcisms consultant medium took the film crew on a tour of the next floors. The first room was an introduction to the female in pink who's task it was to look after the two boys. She'd lost her two young children (murdered) and looked to protect the two youngest in the home from 'others'. An explanation from the family of the sightings by the youngest boy and the father (non beliver) who'd now on separate occasions saw her for himself. "I now believe my son when he tells me 'the lady tucks him in'" he told the crew.

Our consultant medium Ralph moved on and joined the most notorious energy of them all. The lights flickered and sickening odours melted around them as they worked. It was explained that the house had a dark past having been exorcised by a catholic priest twice over 25 years. Ralph explained "They know why we're here and what I want to do, sorry guys you're going to have to stay until it's over"

tv psychic ralph keeton

To prove his existance the next 8 hours this evil energy subjected the crew to lights turning off on the upper floors whenever exorcisms challenged the eneregy. To the crews amazement he tuned on light on in the room to answer Ralph's questions. Flickering to set numbers of flickerings e.g 8 to say yes and 4 for no! As Ralph turned he told them "He's off to turn out all the electric and play with you all......." and into darkness with mayhem to follow. (It must stated here an electrician checked the electric and bulbs after, it all checked out normal).

Ralph returned to the homes upstairs and felt the full might of the man. Exploding lights (the film crews), freezing conditions, body injuries and a darkness so black it felt unreal. Then there were the sounds only caught onto the sound system not audible to anyone at the time. The Shocked crew still couldn't believe the atmosphere as Ralph controlled the full exorcism, despite the distractions. Only after several attempts did the Spirit Entity move on and away from its earthly connections. Ralph fought to move the energy away and cleaned out the entire floor spiritually, leaving those who wanted to protect the family alone.

Monster House UK tv psychic ralph keeton

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TV work

TV goes into real lives meeting real energies.

Working and meeting TV personalities is both informatve and pleasant.

Exorcisms was asked 'Is it possible to film with Griff Rhys Jones on one of your ghost nights?', Ralphs replied 'Yes' and then awaited his appearance.

Exorcisms will travel around the world to meet, greet and participate with the public, TV and media alike.

During pre filming the BBC crew were surprised to hear about a Medium/Exorcist was one on site. Talking to Griff Rhys Jones before the start of filming our consultant medium asked Griff if he believed, Griff looked at Ralph thought about the question and said "Well somewhere there's a part of me that says yes and another that says how, so I need a little more convincing". Ralph then said "But you've already seen a medium in your younger days, a few of you where curious even then", to which he looked at Ralph and said "Hmmm, thats interesting I don't know how you knew that, but, yes I went to see Doris Stokes do a show" and he looked at Ralph very puzzled.

The filming took place in the eeriest part of the Heugh Gun Battery military site and was private. Filming took place over three days and two nights with Ralph ever there to provide extra information to the crew and presenters alike..

tv psychic ralph keeton

Working with a global giant required international calls and good discussions before filming could start. Could Exorcisms help in finding a home that was not just haunted but had unusual happening that a camera crew could look into. That was the brief Globo TV in Brazil asked for. They wanted a show documentary style and somewhere to stay if possible and so filming begun at secret location where the family moved out to allow a 'clean environment'. After a three days filming and a weeks interviews a show with an audience of 30 million was produced, launching Exorcisms into new areas of communication other than his native english.

Other star studded TV terrestrial work includes advising on sets about places to visit and/or how to approach working with the energies they are about to film. Working alongside Joe Swash for the BBC a camera crew, Ralph and Joe set too to produce a show on Joe's belief. Exorcisms was able to be involved every step of the way in Joe's own personal journey of discovery, travelling the UK.

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TV Roles;

Monster House UK tv psychic ralph keeton

Advisor Roles

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