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Today our consultant medium travels and talks on all matters regarding 'Spirits, 'Energies', 'Anglelic Signs' and 'forces' beyong your imagination.

Explain his path was set from an early age and has spent time actually avoiding many spiritual things. Only to be drawn back into the spirit world to embraced and developed his given skills to demonstrate these on many international TV stations.

Our consultant medium has worked alongside many of today's major corporations, industries and specialised units to help understand how and why energy contact is possible. Appearing with the likes of 'Most Haunted', Derek Acorah, Colin Fry and many TV personalities including recently Joe Swash on his own BBC program 'I Believe'.

Exorcisms has also had an audience viewing figure of over 30 million on his 'Special' for the Worldwide Brazillian TV Globo TV.

Currently our consultant medium is working on his own tour travelling the UK and USA to look at and provide the public a close liasion with spirit.

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Website for the UK's: Consultant medium.