Exorcisms - Spiritual Energy Information

Warning to exorcise an entity should only be done by qualified, sound and grounded people - such as Religious professionals or trained Psychics, whose own beliefs are strong.

Why do you do Exorcisms? I am so glad you asked that question - First and foremost not every case I see requires an exorcism. I am a 'normal' person, who investigates because I am allowed to by you and I can . . . seems simple doesn't it?

Remember one thing an Exorcism is not the sole right of any individual or spiritual community. An exorcism is the moving or clearing of an energy 'WE' have acknowledged sceptic or not and so it needs dealing with.

Too many from Spiritual communities and scpetical bodies world wide seem to wish, think or speak out in such a manner that they forget as a human race we interact with everything. Everything therefore interacts with us, so any energy powerful enough to move or cause harm has been trained by 'YOU' whether you like it or not.

Over my time I have investigated and conducted different paranormal experiments and evaluated others experiences in such a way to form both biased or unbiased opinions. Every story and 'manifestation' is different requiring many different processes of validation. Each entity, apparition or energy force works in a completely different manner and for differing reasons, therefore giving 'YOU' a personal experience - nice or tainted.

Exorcism cases

  • A Moving Entity! The client: "something in the home is now getting the better of myself & the family. The builders also are affected as they are trying to re-organise the house. Can you help me. Equipment and objects are consistantly disappearing and turning up all over the home in odd places."

    This energy required my complete and full attention. I being foolish gave no respect to this energy and thought I could handle this one on my without any preparation. This was my last and only mistake in this arena !

  • exorcised woman Someone Following you?. The client wrote: "Sounds stupid but I feel like I'm being followed and now I've seen someone at work that I saw once when we told ghost stories as a youngster. I've marks on my body now ...."

    An energy attachment that went too far, but how far was it about to go when action required it to leave?

  • exorcism nun Injuries and Bad Luck. The client: " My family are set with bad luck and infact two have died in mysterious ways. Anyone visiting becomes ill during and after they come to me. What's happening...Oh Please don't tell my local priest , he'd be angry at me for talking to you"

    Intriquing case a long family history of bad luck and illness onset at a visit. Sounds different and it became my longest case to deal with. So I went in undercover so as not alert any prying eyes.

  • When children attack. The client: " Look I wouldn't normally call you but my child is starting fires, attacking others and now has become another person all together. It's as though he looks through me and is talking to someone else. What do I do?"

    At an early age children are vunerable not only to humans but energies. Here I had to deal with an energy first, the child and then enlist the help of a medical team.

  • Stress and Spirit?. The client: "I'm not mad before you think I am, but why does it seem that when I get stressed do things start to happen? I've seen a huge ball of light that looked like a mini earth, seen my keys move accross the floor and now my neighbour says I waved at her from my bedroom window when I was at work."

    We are energy and often our own heightened energy disturbs those energies around us. Here I was met by something new and yet strong enough to manifest itself to let others see it.

Is Spirit Energy contact Good or Bad

Unfortunately we live all our lives looking for thrills and experiences that excite, exhilarate and extend us with the end result of being put off or getting hooked on it.

In this world there are the unexplained happenings that can either frighten us to the extent we need support or invigorate us to the levels of excessive investigation to need more.

In either case you as the individual put yourself into your own state of security, thus you’ll never in theory step too far from what you really know. Yet you are often testing things out before venturing into what you feel is a careful but natural state of wonderment.

Today we live in a media rich world constantly inventing ways of visually stimulating our senses safely from an armchair or observation position. You can quickly remove yourselves from anything uncomfortable at the flick of a switch. Yet scaring ourselves is easily done with the thrill in mind, happy it’s just a piece of visual stimuli you can control.

Having prepared knowledge of these visual images and media stories we arm ourselves with what can only be described as self harming results. Take for example a 'Santa Claus' figure being fat and laughing as a jolly and good scenario, but a 'Cloaked Dark' shadow like figure moving stealthily around at night is dare I say ‘Evil’.

Both do harm and good depending on your perception of your knowledge.

So to answer your question “Is Spirit Energy contact good or bad” well that depends........

What I will say is please don’t jump to a preconceived conclusion. 99.9% of my time is spent dealing with misconcieved energies making good of things. So now you’ll be wondering about the 0.1% (well don’t go there, OK!).