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A reign of terror!
Demons - Take over my life

40 calls a day over three months, made or desperate?

Image if you will please receiving a desperate call of help, not once but over 40 times a day and over three months. You’d start to think this was a either a prank or someone a little off course. In fact it was these set of calls that made us realise the telephone number used had to be changed and not for public use.

The first call received was a general call asking about what a demon is, how it would affect people and the fact she thought she was living with one. She’s fought it and had many attacks, so much so that she had been exiled for it. Having spent many a year confined to a mental institution after attempting countless suicide attempts (though these were not to commit suicide more to get attention and relieve the pain). This initial call was calm and very collected with questions fired in both directions. The fact that this person was overseas made it impossible to just pop over to see her.

After an hour of chatting Jenny (name changed) seemed relaxed and calmed at the thought this was all ok, her demons would in fact be partly self induced as she openly admitted to taking drugs. All was left and the call ended easily enough. Two hours later jenny calls back could something be done about shadow walkers as they where affecting her life. Now shadow walker may not be a term heard by most but Ralph answered the call this time and instantly asked some very painful questions. Jenny answered as best she could and the conversation was over.

As soon as the call was over Ralph looked puzzled, “how and why would someone know or talk about shadow walkers, she’ll call back I bet you”. Off Ralph went to make his usual notes after the call, something he’d been in the habit of doing for many years. In the meantime an hour or so later another call but this time it was more desperate and demanding. Ralph came to the aid of Jenny and talked to her, calming her down and again asking very direct questions. He asked about her faith to learn she was Catholic desperate for help, Ralph explained she should first seek solace with her own faith and help regarding this. Jenny insisted she’s turned to her father but had been rejected. Then she said “Azazel” and it was her turn.

LNow those familiar with terms and demons know of the many given to them, but here we have a word that is or can be used as a term. Fallen Angels are by the book provided reasons to appear or symbolises an act. Some names speak volumes to those looking for demons but others are less known. Ralph took a breath in and asked why she had spoken this term, then she replied “Agnus Dei” (you would know this as lamb of god). By putting the two short words together you simply get a lamb to slaughter by an angel of death. Ralph carried on chatting and explained he could not help unless her faith allowed this or at least he understood her mental health issues and would need another person to talk to.

Over the next calls and months it became apparent through talking to family and other professionals that Jenny would need help. She had turned to drugs and alcohol to repel any thoughts she had and feelings she did not want to have. So what was the turning point you may ask and indeed the team had started to ask as well. The final call was one all around could clearly see Ralph dealing with and its results.

Ralph chatted to Jenny in her moment of her freedom from any effects of intoxicating medicines as requested. “Jenny what do you want to say to me?” enquired Ralph. Ralph pulled the phone away from his ear for everyone to hear a screech and gargling noise to which Ralph’s hand develop deep scratch marks (unaware he also had scratch marks across his forehead and neck). Quickly Ralph’s demeanour changed and he replied in a strong but firm voice “I’m coming to see you, BE PREPARED” and with that he placed the phone down. “OK! Pack my kit please” was the only thing he said as he walked away.

After the plane ride Ralph settled into the small but charming bungalow he had been loaned for his stay. This was a remote village with narrow lanes, idyllic views and a quite setting for what was about to happen. The bungalow was warm and cosy with a tiled floor kept warm by both the sun and under floor heating. Ralph had no idea where or with whom he was to meet in life but was sure of whom he was up against. So much so that it was with his warnings he kept repeating them military fashion.

After settling in Ralph as usual locked himself away in contemplation coming out of his hiding place with a very solemn face indeed. He greeted the father and mother of Jenny, and, from the look of them they were of a richer society status and yet they look like they were weary and drained from what appeared to be years of discomfort. Both were sceptical but desperate to gain help and Ralph had explained this was not about any of them other than the energy he’d listened to. He interrupted their questions to ask “where is Jenny and could he see her now!”

Looking at the large and grand exterior of this home Ralph instantly said “I’d like to see her in the older chapel area please” to which the reply was “that’s her main living room”. At that we walked around the back of the home to the attached building and Ralph walked straight in. He sat in front of Jenny smiled and gestured her not to speak. We all sat in silence for over an hour simply looking at each other as Ralph seemed to be in a deep trance or thoughtful séance with his eyes close. He stood up with force and walked outside. Of course we followed to which he said “No one back in until I tell you” and we all waited for a further hour when we heard him call. Looking at the parents Ralph whispered “ has jenny attack anyone or been restrained” to which they replied “No”, “Good will you sit either side of her for support please”

Ralph began by placing six stones on the floor and wetting them with salt water. He then chanted a few words and the whole room seemed to chill, so much so that on a fine summers night as Ralph spoke it looked like his breath was steaming. He stepped forward and ripped up a joker card from a deck of cards and flung them in the air. Next something I’ve never seen Ralph do before but he lifted a stick high and hit his back hard, followed by the stick snapped and placed in the middle of the stones. He gently took Jenny’s hand and looked at her and spoke to her. Her reaction was one of shock and she slumped back.

The room went dark on left side of Ralph and a definite shadow seemed to rise. Ralph, without question instantly walked straight into it. As he did so it grew up and over him engulfing his own shape and disappearing. Ralph in a calm voice said “fear not, for fear itself cannot be entertained here” and stepped out of the gloom. The almighty screech heard over the phone burst out of the lungs of Jenny. Ralph stood his ground and described who was in the room. A large 17th century cupboard creaked and bent in front of us as Ralph now seemed to be raked with pain. The following hours saw Ralph fall and be hit with a flying bolt, a door slam shut with such force it could not have been humanly possible to re-enact, a pungent and sickening smell appear, teeth grinding chalkboard scratching noises and a red orb that seemed to follow everyone as it brightened or dimmed over people.

Jenny was held by her parents a gentleman appeared at the door and sat down to witness the events unfolding. Ralph was visibly shaken at the feelings and emotions he could feel and almost unnoticed was the bursting of a blood blister appearing on the side of his neck (after the clearance no sign of a mark could be seen, but the blood on his collar told a different story). Ralph sat with jenny explaining about a vision he was having of a bank next to the sea, where daffodils could be seen. Also near by was a pond or lake with very small boats on it and a golden Labrador sitting on the edge looking into the water. A man seemed to be in the reflection of the water but not on the land. Jenny explained her real father had died falling into the local pond rescuing the dog, but had always asked for his ashes to be put near the sea. Jenny had dug a hole and place her father’s ashes in the hole but had in fact put daffodil bulbs in with him, she needed to remember where he was without a plaque

Ralph’s short rest bite followed a two hour regime of walking about, holding on to Jenny and calling out names. Ralph then openly admitted he thought jenny’s story was untrue at first but the voice he heard was a deathly voice he’d remembered from the past. As a boy he’d wandered a building alone to meet what he described at the age of 6 as an angel of death. So terrified was he here that he instantly fled but that voice had almost been burnt into his memory banks “I knew I had to come”. Ralph spoke “Jenny your father is here to help” as Ralph fell again to the floor from a punch to the stomach all could hear. Ralph explained there were two naughty energies abound here tonight and her father was here to help

Ralph sat face to face holding Jenny’s hand across a table as he encouraged her to repeat his words. Ralph picked up the six stones and asked jenny to speak the words clearly and throwing a stone away into the dark shape as she finished each statement. By the fourth stone the shape split into two and as the stone hit the dark shape it screeched and disappeared, the stone disappearing as well. On the statement for the fifth stone Ralph asked everyone to hold hand and place them on Jenny’s back. To this Jenny was to shout the message provided and hurl the stone in the direction of the moving shadow. Jenny seemed to lift a few inches from the chair remarkably like a levitation as the stone was flung in the direction of the shadow. As if by magic, this stone fell from above us at the same time we all felt pushed down (similar to going over a humped back bridge) were we stood.

It was after this the room went eerily quiet and Ralph seemed dazed, he pressed the last stone into Jenny’s hands saying “it’s your lucky stone, keep it and when it leaves you all is done”. Looking at jenny her face seemed to glow and for the first time since we’d got there a small smile appeared on her face. Ralph asked everyone to leave as he needed to finish off without anyone being present. We retired to the main house as instructed via the garden.

Ralph will not say why he took almost an hour to join us but he look tired and drained. But he did say Jenny should now step forward and move on. If she wrote a book on her past years she was to ask Ralph to add his own chapter into it. Ralph also recommended the chapel be return to a similar use and not be fully lived in, to allow the rightful energies to remain there.

It unfolded over the next two days about Jenny’s story and the man who joined us late turned out to be the catholic father. He had out of compassion turned up to have a good go at us and talk religion, but had seen enough after a minute or two to realise he needed to see this one through. It was his first time of seeing any type demonic energy in life, even though he’d listened to another father who’d performed many. It was still a shock and one he still couldn’t understand and wouldn’t admit to unless in private. It had thankfully brought the family closer to their belief than had previously been accepted.

Jenny’s full story will be published once all facts have been verified, our part in her journey was short but intense to the last. Today Jenny has a full life and has recovered fully with a strong belief system in place Jenny can breathe again. What of the stones? Three of the stones used are now embedded into the floor of the chapel area unobtrusive to those not knowing. One simply vanished and has never been seen. But the last stone is now a bracelet carried or worn by Jenny throughout her days. Though a few years on she is not attached as was she is mindful it may be lost or simply go its journey, Jenny simply keeps it as a reminder of new beginnings.

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