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Devils and Demons
A Potted History

The Fallen Angels and the Devil

Everyday we mention the Devil, infact as ordinary people we use the Devil in social ways. Its true to say this Fiend is invoked and primed in every conceivable theory. "Who the devil are you", "Where the Devil", "Foolish Devil", "You put the Devil in me", "Young Devil", "There's a Devilsh side to you" or "You Smooth Devil" are terms used in common expressions, in so much as, we MUST be familiar with Him ! particularly to ask him forward in such a way.

So forgive me for this but you're welcoming him in with such a silvery tongue, you're almost nonchalant about it. As you see we easily ask or call for Angels and Guides, its as easy to ask for our own Devil's as well, so be careful (Remember :- Never wish for what you can't handle).

According to many Devils began before our creation and/or during it, when Adam and Eve set foot on earth or when day became night. What really matters here is that since time unfolded there has been a play with good to bad, both for the better or worse of mankind. What does seem to be common knowledge is the Fall of Angels, and, I've even heard about an apology for the creation of man, as a fill in for the loss of them.

Lucifer', 'Satan' or Belzeebub what seems to be a common theory is that 'the Fallen One' wanted to sit in 'Gods' place. An arguement persued and The Devil was cast out to rest in Hell or Purgatory.

WARNING!!! - Remember if a Devil were to appear the same every time, we'd have no need for the use of the many variations on the subject. But Devil's are never the same to any two individuals nor ever twice the same to any one person. Tricky by half, you'd have to agree !

Our task ! To repel and put back whatever Devils are around. What does amaze me, is how people percieve & recall Devils today and the list usually includes grotesque, foul stench's, evil eyes and yet this seems more to fantasy than fact. Devils come in many shapes, sizes & looks but its not their role to scare you for they draw you in and then tempt you (difficult if you're a eight foot snarling beast).

WARNING!!! - Remember if a Devil were to appear the same every time, we'd have no need for the use of the many variations on the subject. But Devil's are never the same to any two individuals nor ever twice the same to any one person. Tricky by half, you'd have to agree !

Devils are 99% of the time only nuisance factor only, unless dealt with in the wrong way. The Untrained laymen should not attempt formal exorcisms or removal of a persistant Devil. Blessing themselves with Holy Water or Praying doesn't always work. For as you believe in A Higher Spirit so MUST you accept a Lower One. Remember the church doesn't like the Devil or talk about it much, therefore the common Devil's don't respond to the usual religious speech.

The church does however recognise the fact that exorcisms on Devils/Demons have to be performed. Therefore it goes without saying, there is a real need to deal with this issue in a serious manner. Every Exorcist has their own way of dealing with the removal of Devils/Demons, each exorcism takes differing forms and methods of extraction.

We don't wish to broadcast these but merely wish to enlighten you as to what types of exorcisms are performed. As will the following pages will give you examples of what Devils will do, how they start and how we deal with them !.

One Final Note :- In general life we meet bad and good in human form, on the spirit energy level we meet More Good than bad. Further more Good really does win over Bad as our life shows !

The Fallen Angels and the Devil

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Exorcised woman's negative energy is removed as we visited her Home to help out. After careful talking and checking, we decided to call on Miss Trudy (name changed). She seemed calm enough but it wasn’t to last long before she started to react.

Your home the last place you'd expect to be taken over or controlled. For some weeks the couple had decided stress was playing its part in the turnaround of personality classes. Like any couple they had differences, but both noticed a change in Miss Trudy as they'd explained over many emails to us over a few weeks.

Miss Trudy had been to the doctor but only had it confirmed that she wasn't going mad or had any illness. Only when a friend decided to intervene did they recommend a chat with a medium. 'what a stupid idea' was the reaction, but over the next few weeks the boyfriend decided to take action. So it was decided to search and email us for advice.

This was your average couple with no real idea of what or who a medium was. Nevertheless here we were and within a few minutes she became agitated then the voice came to us all. Calm but very different from most and very serious, it took me by surprise but once it started speaking it was clear we were dealing with a negative energy speaking through Miss Trudy. At first out of logic, I did try to get see if I was really dealing with a split person or an influenced woman. Talking to her and asking for Miss Trudy to speak didn't work. So we negotiated with the voice who presented its self as 'Didoth' a watcher as the voice said. This was in the voice's words 'A time to repel and be dealt with’; Miss Trudy by now was severely contorted into a nerve wracking position and jaw dropping position. Gently I asked if the boyfriend wanted to leave and he did, quickly and vomited on his way out. I wasn’t comfortable with this but had to proceed very carefully picking my every word.

We spent the next two hours discovering, who and why 'Didoth' was here and to negotiate our way forward. Challenging this energy was going to be difficult as it had already made threats towards Miss Trudy and ourselves. We were according to ‘Didoth’ beneath the energies level and weren't up to challenging the might laid before us. Carefully I approached ‘Didoth’ and enquired what we could do for 'Didoth'. It spoke venomously at us and I replied 'If I believe you I lose, you will relent Didoth!', and, I was aware I had to be careful due to the precarious situation Miss was in.

But nevertheless I had to challenge its position, I cast out its access to this world and asked for others to intervene. Miss Trudy became more contorted, but no more than an acrobatic dancer would though I still felt uneasy. I asked it how it could possibly harm others whilst trapped in one accepting body, others wouldn't be so forgiving. It rose to it and I presented it with the fact it wasn't in the right world or time and for such matters as it had be cast out. Ordering it to go, as a group we worked it together bring in higher energies and moving it aside (more details in my book).

Miss Trudy rose and slumped to the floor, bruises covering her legs and arms, for a moment not breathing but them gasping for air. We comforted her and brought her round slowly. We decide to stay for a few hours more but not discussing the events, I was aware of energies in the room and acknowledged them. It had departed and Miss Trudy said she felt completely different, but unaware of events.

After we left I had time to reflect on the lost soul presented to us and the whole time dealing with it. It still fascinates me why and how it had arrived, according to the couple they hadnt attended nor knew of any dealings with Psychics’ or the like. She wasn’t interested in this world at all and he was to say the least a "I'll believe when I see it" man. I spent time around the home with no Ill feelings or negative energy vibes. Only those positive energies associated with the couple. As far as I am aware the couple are to this day living a 'normal' life with no problems. The only clue to the identity left by the 'Didoth' energy was what it had said "To feel and see from afar, then to hold and control is a watchers status, looking for the weak minded and those at a loss" So had Miss Trudy felt lost in herself or did the fact that she deals with many other people, bring her into contact with this Negative energy. It wasn't evil as such doing no harm to Miss Trudy in real terms, it was more uncomfortable, uncontrollable and not your usual bad day effect happening to her. To say the least She felt totally disjointed within herself and at a lost with where she disappeared too.

Listening to her about what she felt and what was happening to her during other ordeals, we now look for new signs and tribulations in others. She did however take charge by seeing her specialists before seeing us and afterwards, thinking before asking for our advice.

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