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Working for the Top paranormal team at Antix Productions.

This was a nice meeting after not seeing the Antix crew of Karl, Yvette and Stuart for some 8 years or more. I last worked with them on 'Most Haunted' in the very early days of their now long established shows. I didn't do show business in those days preferring to stay behind camera and in fact being caught a few times unaware in a couple of the viewed shows. So the meeting was a familiar one if in unfamiliar settings.

For me this was the usual way they dealt with me. "Ralph will you meet us at a set location and we'll pick you up and take you to the secret location, Oh by the way we'll keep you in a secure room until we need you.....! OK!" I replied "Oh nothings changed then......I'm in the dark again!" So the filming was set and I duly arrived at my first location to wait for instructions, nervously, not because of the filming but I'd picked my car up from the garage with what sounded to me like a rumbling noise in the engine.

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After some time I was telephoned to meet them at a post code address and the security guys would meet me. The time was around 9.00 pm, but this felt very much like a military action so I set off. After what seemed like an hour I turned the street corner to see a pub and sure enough there were the big security guards waiting in an non descriptive car. Checks over and I'm walked in via a rear entrance to a very dimly lit room. There I met the crew and with the quick intro's over, everyone was under instruction not to say a word to me. So it was polite conversations like at a tea party, even though everyone’s thoughts were all on the events I'd come to peruse, which were also about to kick off.

I heard the screaming from upstairs and realised that the funny energy I had felt on the way in wasn't the people present being funny with me, but the energy I was about come face to face with. It then dawned on me why I had been left alone with only three crew in the far corner, we were sitting in a very nasty pub with one very peculiar energy willing to risk being seen and used to throwing things around. It feared nothing as it had never been challenged.

It went silent upstairs as I heard a voice say "You're next" and I duly stood up, I quickly realised everyone looking at me! I saw the look on their faces I'd obviously frightened and startled them. I smiled like a chesire cat as I realised, 'It' had just challenged me and what's more is that nobody else had heard it!

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Finally I'm called by the film crew to move upstairs. Met by the cameraman I simply that all guests leave the room and area immeadiatly, for it has to be silent. I want to listen carefully and see why this energy was here. As I commence my form of asking an energy moves forward to greet me and as it does it starts throwing marbles, in fact it moves around the room so fast it actually catch's me out by nearly knocking me off my feet. I'm very soon in control and command it to listen to me and for it to answer why this man had haunted the place with devastating results.

He was NOT alone, he was simply using others to control the atmosphere and to relate his anger at everyone. This man had to be moved on no matter what he had to be stopped bothering the family living there, to relieve their problems and to ease this man’s own spiritual terror. He proved to be very temperamental man, needing to be removed and released out of the area and atmosphere. I could see the camera man move away from me as I quickly began my onslaught to remove this man entirely from the building, it lasted for over an hour. As a form of mantra, I start my speech at which he insisted on punching me in the stomach almost winding me. I'm then not aware of anyone in the room as I focus in on him and I catch hold of him tightly, after a long while I finally expel him from the property and area. On cue and as if by magic the phone rings, shocking both of us left in the room and I look at the camera man, then gingerly pick up the phone. Its silent, "hello" I say, to hear a buzz followed by the expelling of a breath and total silence. "I think he was saying goodbye" as I put the phone down.

As I went to step forward I find a marble lodged in my shoe......... and there's more detail in my book.

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