Spirit injury and Bad Luck

Janet (real name retained) had convinced herself there must be more to spirit than she initially thought or understood. Janet had decided to let me know rather urgently that she was in a desperate way as it was keeping her awake and away from her home. She’d felt as though her home was actually causing visitors to befall Bad Luck.

Strangely enough directly upon entering her home I was met by the spirit energy of a Nun, Yes a Nun! The Nun greeted me kindly enough and was in fact courteous in many ways by showing me around this home. The nun even explained who was living past and present in the home and more importantly why they were all there. Unfortunately for Janet I initially hardly heard a word she had spoken to me.

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The nun was polite but intrusive by always reminding me that Janet was a frail old lady and warned me off being too explicit when explaining things to her. In fact I became wary of the nun energy, she seemed a little too protective but I carried on. Janet of the home gave me a very vivid description of her family and the friends’ plights over the last few years.

Janet had seen lights/orbs in visitation at her bedside, heard unusual noises like purring or scratching sounds and even experienced a touching on her face and hands. Janet felt wisps’ of air movement around her hair and recently doors were opening in front of her. Janet wanted to know if she was seeing things or making things up in her mind.

Too her joy I explained some of the goings on in her family and friends was in part of 'Life's' ups and downs and as she'd had a large family so this was not that unusual. I told her the home wasn't an evil or deathly place to visit, however there was something more going on.

The Nun had been trying to tell her to look out by sending 'Heavenly Lights' or sparkly light orbs as you would know them. Janet had seen them but had passed them off as silly imagination on her part, but this had merely laid down a challenge to the nun. Janet’s own son had scoffed the idea of lights as his mothers failing eyesight. Janet duly explained to me that she'd been very highly educated and followed a nun sect in London when she was young. Shocked at this I showed Janet my initial notes that described the nun. Janet looked amazed as my description fitted to the letter her 'grumpy' tall nun tutor, who never smiled but with whom she'd really bonded. Needless to say her son looked on amazed for Janet had never mentioned any of her past like this before. We were then duly treated of old pictures of her past and then as if out of the blue appeared the nun picture.

The nun was here to help communicate to others who were frequenting the family home. Her job was again to educate Janet in the spirit communications going, but as usual Janet’s stubbornness was getting in the way. Janet laughed at this and told me that was how the nun would talk to her.

To cut down a long stay Janet was also surrounded by two other spirits, a relative (who was actually too close for comfort) and a past friend (who was far too kind to be helpful). The relative had died an awfully slow and long painful death and in life also suffered long bouts of ill health. He joined us in the room and wanted to tell everyone he was now very well, in fact only now in spirit form had he any relief of pain. Since his passing so much was his love for Janet he was actually smothering the family. His pain and grief was hurting everyone he came near, he was actually giving signs of his illnesses to those he could enforce it onto. Consequently any one visiting had felt ill or left not wanting to come back for fear of becoming ill again. Janet had naturally thought she’d attained an evil spirit without connecting anything to her 'relative'.

This was awfully frustrating for the relative but an utter shock to Janet, as I described him and the way he talked. He'd tried very hard by slamming or opening doors, running up and down the stairs (where he tore his foot apart in life) and finally by making everyone have the illnesses he'd suffered. He communicated to me and I started to feel his symptoms of tender skin, needles in my arms, stomach pains and gasping for air. By now the Janet’s son looked on in horror as I relayed on messages to him about another man present, only to be told this man had only just recently passed away. It was his wife’s father and she was fraught thinking of him passing away as he had. This man was now trying to show himself with the outcome that 'Both Men' created illness's to all who visited Janet’s home.

I immediately stopped talking and told both the gentlemen they would have to accept the fact this family were not ready for them at the moment. Also that they should not be so impatient and willing to show how much pain they were in life on to other here present today.

It was affecting everyone who visited the home and wasn't a pleasing sign (as you would expect) that they were around. Proving that sometimes our own relatives, friends and family in 'spirit energy' try to communicate, but we simply pass off the signs as us being stupid things or become paranoid when in fact it was just too plain easy to be anything but (as in this case) illness from our own friends past.

Here the relatives were what they had called 'Evil', but in fact the spirit energies were too close to realise they were actually causing such problems. Since it has been resolved it has now calmed down but their presence still exists and occasionally momentary illness befalls those in the home. Now it’s understood and communication starts with everyone knowing the illness symptoms are done for the right reasons and tolerated (just) for the few minutes they last.

A clearance or levelling on other energies was performed but merely to warn off and alter any energy wishing to partake in communicating. The nun however has returned to her own domain to carry on her work elsewhere.

As a note this meeting for me is in my new book, for the events attained and information done are both fascinating as an exorcist but as a medium communication was at its best. The history involved here goes back over twenty years and goes to show how long people will put up with spirit troubles before releasing the energy. A note or call to me earlier would have allowed peace to rein earlier, but as I always say “I’m the last emergency service you’ll call”

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. Orb lights or sparkly lights (heavenly)
  2. Doors opening on their own
  3. Footsteps up and down stairs
  4. Others visiting having bouts of illness
  5. Gentle touching of the face
  6. Smell of gas (often body odou
  7. Others picking up on random thoughts but have meaning to you