A very moving and dangerous spirit energy

Warning: Anyone attempting to use an exorcism without protection or real self belief, will NOT be sufficiently helping those in need or themselves. Do not attempt any form of exorcism without the correct information.

After two failed attempts at an exorcism (one from a paranormal group the other a spiritualist group) a very distraught woman e-mailed. She explained how she's asked two groups to exorcise the spirits within her home with little success and was now understandably sceptical. She explained further that it was seemingly getting worse every time an attempt was made and now I was her last hope.

haunted homes exorcised

I asked if I could bring in my own team, who arrived at the remote manor house long before I could get there. They had set up and completed some tests during a walk round the home in order for me to arrive and proceed without delay. Using some new low light technology they had witnessed a movement of a fast entity not only strong in energy terms but had been able to psychically move some large objects. The team had attempted to communicate with the spirit energy and had seen an image on the equipment that looked like it was a powerfully built man (but didnít tell me).

haunted manor

The couple had explained to the team they had been hit by flying bottles in the kitchen, chairs had quickly moved in the lounge, heard voices shout abuse, seen many lights anomalies , flashes of shadow movements on the stairs and pictures always appeared to move (twisted on the walls). One terrifying example was the bedroom doors continually opening in the main bedroom and the lights one by one turning on and instantly blowing, not just going out but actually exploding. The final straw to this intrusion was now the couple had awoken to find scratch marks on their faces and arms. This looked as though they were either very sharp fingernail scratches or some sharp object had scratched them.

On arrival the team gave me a simple breakdown of events and on the manor its sparse history. But not on what had really been happening. They told me two other mediums had been to the home that day and had felt a vortex of extra spiritual senses within the house. Their tests had shown activity in two areas, the worst in the main dining lounge and main bedroom. More notably the new low light and energy sensor equipment had caught an entity moving fairly quickly about each room.

The old manor was full of atmosphere and true to form as described to me the entity I deemed male was indeed in the lounge. Without taking my own precautions I had simply stepped into his property, whether lack of respect or simply my full attention was not on this one the male energy was very angry and very quickly he went to work on me like lightening. The moment I set foot into its domain I could feel the strangulation the man had suffered, tortured and suffering until death. He wanted me to feel the same. He'd put this couple through misery, causing them to fear living in the manor.

He wasnít finished with me though as a punch to my stomach and lower abdomen not only moved me backwards but woke me up with some pain. This was my first and only mistake of the evening; I had just learned the hard way to be respectful of who and whatever I deal with. It took me some 35 minutes to compose myself and some hours to calm everyone else around, for every time I took a breath everyone around me jumped or moved away from me.

haunted home

I moved gingerly around the manor and quickly realised this was one powerful and energetic energy that needed time to understand me. I was dealing with a man whose own death was torturous and feared others would repeat the hostile activities again to him. The team had monitored the male energy throughout as it roamed the rooms, capturing him in full flight on screen and shocked to watch it draw within millimetresí to me as I performed the exorcism. Later tapes revealed him dissipating next to me; it was as though he simply wanted to show us what he could do.

Performing this exorcism was not easy especially as previous exorcisms had merely added to his anger. Gripped by this anger I had to perform the exorcism for over 2 hours, and it drained me both psychically but mentally. I had sensed his fear and more importantly his pain throughout. This left me with the worst and most painful headache Iíd had for some time.

To relive this manís pain and suffering the exorcism dispersed his energy. I had no interest in whether the couple required this man to be moved or not I did this one for him. The benefit; the family could carry on in peace and safety. Some months later the lady contacted me to thank me and say for the first in as long as she could remember the manor now felt like a home.

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. Objects moving that are too heavy for simple explaination
  2. Doors opening on their own
  3. Unexplained psychical marks
  4. Others in family affected
  5. Animals affected
  6. Shapes moving