Is someone following you

We all feel at some point in our lives that we have had some one follow us. The other feeling common to most is the ‘somebody’s watching me’. I often on my tours explain the feelings like this are common particularly when we are on our own or feeling nervous. Why because we become ‘Psychic’ is that sense of being aware of the whole space we are in. Our own energy fills the room, much like we can drive a car and sense when the bumper or edge of the car is too close to something, we fill the space with ourselves.

shadow face

Imagine all your life up to you reach 46 that you have sensed things near or behind you. You get married have children, divorce and live with a friend but which ever home or place you are you’ve always felt like there was someone there. Well this is a real situation with this woman Sheila. Sheila wrote "Sounds stupid but I feel like I'm being followed and now I've seen someone at work that I saw once when we told ghost stories as a youngster. I've marks on my body now ....”

Sheila had when very young probably done what most do by going to a friend’s home and tell ghost stories. Then spent the night not sleeping properly and finally seeing a person and scaring herself silly. Only thing here is two other saw the same thing in the room and screamed, in came the parents on went the light away went the ghost.

Sheila had when very young probably done what most do by going to a friend’s home and tell ghost stories. Then spent the night not sleeping properly and finally seeing a person and scaring herself silly. Only thing here is two other saw the same thing in the room and screamed, in came the parents on went the light away went the ghost.

The new home wasn’t the best in the world but it had reminded her of younger times. The friends from the past now gone on their own journey’s with no contact. Then up pops ‘Face book’ along came old friends and old memories too.

Sheila had work in the same office for the past 12 years and had known people come and go in that time. She started feeling uncomfortable a year or so before but had simply passed this off as silly. She’d walked into the office one day on her own to see her office chair moving round as though someone had been sat in it. Startled she’d stood for a minute but no one was in the office, so she moved on touched the chair and the seat felt warm. Thinking it was stupid she got on with the day.

A few days later the conversation in the room turned to another colleague who’d said thought her chair had moved on its own. This brought a deluge of other comments of other unusual activity. The atmosphere in the room changed only to be startled by her phone ringing, but when she answered it no one replied.

cottage exorcised

A few weeks later walking into work with a colleague they both hear footsteps behind them as if someone was running towards them. Naturally they looked around to see nothing but a breeze flash between them, cold and chilly. This was November and again passed this of as the wind and temperature.

Then in May the following year Sheila working through some accounts during mid afternoon hears a voice and without question answered ‘Yes’ to look up and see a familiar figure in front of her. With a loud scream Sheila jumped from her chair and ran away from the figure. As if by magic she looked again to see nothing but everyone else had turned to look at her. No matter what explanation she gave her thoughts were on the familiar face.

That night she went on Face book and started chatting to one of the old friends from the group days. Only to be shocked that they’d both experienced the same image within minutes of each other, even though they were 150 miles apart. Long conversations later reveal they had both described the same figure and it hadn’t aged at all. That night during a very restless night Sheila woke to see lines on her face as if drawn on in red ink. First she cleaned the mirror but realised these were real and with some cover up make up went to work. They marks went away during the day but she was now consumed by the image and real sensations of a presence with her. A visit to her doctor revealed other marks to her back and a burn mark she didn’t know was there.

Some days later into June Sheila vividly remembers a knock on the door at home and opening the door to the figure in full view, again screaming she leapt backwards. This time the postman was scared for he was at the door and was anxious that Sheila was alright. Over the next months these sightings and attacks had grown worse, resulting in Sheila having time away from work and various tablets provided to keep her calm. One neighbour recommended a spiritualist church and she was off. It was confirmed during her first session that someone was with her and that she should seek help. I arrived at her door and Sheila was very nervous but in some was relaxed enough to introduce her friend who’d had similar attacks.

Talking to them both led me to tell them that they’d talked ghosts and turned on their abilities as psychics, even though they’d not realised they had. I explained about spiritual attachments and how sometimes they get out of hand. As in this case we’d got an unwanted intruder who over the years had learned how to communicate and had now the ability to cause psychical injury. As soon as I started this energy came forward. I explained we should go outside into the garden or an area away from the property. This would make sure no attachment would be lead to the present dwelling. Sheila and her boss let us use the office, I’d asked for this so I could clear the office of energy in the process. We started the process of clearance and along came this energy. Disfigured as it was it explained in detail its death and why it had made such an attachment.

The two ladies realised this was not really going to harm them but needed attention and more importantly sending back to its own family, known to these two friends. After an hour or so the process was completed, only then did Sheila’s daughter (now 22) tell us she’d seen this energy before but was too scared to say. Her husband had told her to tell us but she was too nervous to actually say in case it turned out to be a bad spirit.

To let you know the family were contacted and a further piece of information appeared. The day I had chosen to do the exorcism was the same date as the death of this energy. The disfigurements described by the two ladies also matched the energies ailments in death. I have since seem the family concerned to aid their grief and to put to rest the energy who required help. To add this energy may have seemed bad but it knew the ladies and had tried to use them as a vessel for communication. It had taken 32 years to place this energy in the correct area and now it lay at rest.

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. Repeated sensation of fimilarity
  2. Own instincts often by passed
  3. Unexplained psychical marks
  4. Others in family affected
  5. Witnesses at different locations
  6. Having the same thoughts and actions as another