Stress and Spirits

What about your daily life, how do we deal with it, some cope well but others that's a different story. Take Michael's family, typical man decent job looking for promotion. Michael’s wife Margaret has a part time job at the local convenience store and they have one daughter Joanna going through 'A levels' at college.

You’re typical family with nothing unusual going on in daily lives, except the bills were mounting just getting worse. Margaret was doing the usual wishing for things to get better. She was a very religious woman devoted to the church. Imagine her surprise one morning when she found herself talking to a man at the kitchen door, inviting him in as he seemed chatty. Margaret went into the lounge to fetch the local newspaper to show him a story about the church and was totally surprised to find him gone. Why had she invited a stranger in and why has he then just disappeared all out of character.

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Then there was Joanna relaxing in the garden sunny afternoon, when she saw a man’s head popped over the hedge to ask where her mom was. She said inside and then to her amazement he walked through the hedge into the house. Joanna couldn't believe her eyes, there was a gate next to where he'd come through. Joanna thought about it and felt silly, it was her imagination right!

Michael comes home and drives into his drive to see a man directly in his path. He immediately slammed the brakes now thinking he must have hit him. But was amazed to run out and find absolutely nothing, not even a sign of a man at all. Michael went into the house perplexed, what had he just seen. He sat down and explained to his wife what had just happened by now feeling a little stupid. She then told him off her story, of course as soon as Joanna came in and laughed about her episode Michael didn't laugh he was now curious.

What was it; Margaret wasn't having anything to do with it, ghostly things didn't happen to them. But over the next two days this man was seen in reflections of mirrors, in doorways one minute the next gone, the phone would ring with a barely audible voice, smoke like patches would appear to linger in and around different rooms, the lights would flicker as you talked and stop when you did, doors wouldn’t open at times and the worst of all every day the downstairs all windows would be open.

Not nasty but frightening and getting out of control. I was invited in and absolutely nothing happened, so we'd leave and it would start again. Let me explain that from the onset we were dealing with a rare sighting with only the three members of a family seeing this man, even though they were at independent times. So what was he up to, why did he haunt the place and why this family?

The difficultly was that no one in the family knew or recognised the man and no trace of former owners dying there or resembling the descriptions. Why did he do nothing but chat or just let people see him as all three describe the same man. Then it hit me I popped back to see the family to discuss what each was doing at the time of the sightings. As we were discussing it the occurrences started happening, as each described forms of stressful things they were doing.

Then I became aware of the man who had an air of authority about him. He was the local village doctor, in fact later checks revealed this man was infact retired but was the type of man who used to walk the village just for company. This man was a widower but great fun and always like to chat no matter if he knew you or not He’d lived in the 1960’s and was a local village favourite.

The descriptions matched a local newspaper article on his death matched by his photograph. Here all I needed to do was talk to all parties involved and the ‘Doctor’ to negotiate a rule. Only problem here is that the Doctors family are living and removing him was always going to problematic so we merely asked him to announce his presence by knocking on the front door twice. As we asked it happened, much to my own surprise but pleased at the result.

The doctors own family were thrilled to hear from him and had even visited Michael and his family to find out more. He’d scared them but in fact brought back some community to the village. To date he has been seen only once more but has not really returned to the home.

It is at times of stress that our defences are down to the spirit world; our minds are concentrating on other areas of our lives. Once a spirit enters at these times you've accepted the evidence that exist and you make a closer connection to the spirit world. This is hard to break once connected as our own minds become curious.

What to do here was simple as this was by no means a nasty ghost, doing any harm or being awful in anyway. Don’t get me wrong this was for the family still unnerving whilst it lasted as they didn’t know where this was leading. The result however was to form a séance ring and ask him to politely leave, he duly obliged and left but not before informing us that he was only curious as to what was going on.

The reason for this story is to show you don't have to be a believer or not to be affected by the spirit world. Normally our minds are closed to such events, but here stress and anxiety had lowered everyone defences and they were so wrapped up in daily lives, seeing a spirit wasn't on their minds and so he just walked right in. Once in they'd already understood they'd seen him and found it easier to accept he was around.

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. When relaxed be aware of your side vision
  2. Sntrances blocked
  3. Noises that are unusual
  4. Others in family affected
  5. Witnesses at different locations
  6. Seeing results as instantly as you ask