Fighting fire with fire

Warning if you are confronted by a child that needs exorcising, PLEASE take into account the child. Too many people don't take time to talk to the child; you'll gain more about the child than needed about the Entity. More over protect yourself have witnesses present and always make sure you have clearance from parents, guardians etc

A family approached with their own case. We sat and listened; we asked the parents to be present but to sit at the back of the room, then we gently talked and coaxed the boy to giving us his story. His elder sister throughout sat beside him and she talked to him with the questions, direct questions were asked and he or she answered. Our first thoughts were this is a child that was just unhappy and needed attention. In fact over the next three hours we talked and he seemed to be left out of everything, then the revelation as he spoke quietly but firmly "She came to me and offered help, I like her". A breakthrough we were dealing with a spiritual woman.

She turned out to be a nanny, who we at a later date learned was associated with the old village school next to their house. It evolved that the mother and father one night had a party and used an Ouija board in fun. But when everyone became upset they’d merely stopped the board and the party disbanded. It was at this point everyone had noticed this young boy sitting by the door watching.

This young boy had seen all of this and had stated he’d seen the woman standing by everyone present; she smiled at him and offered her help then. Upon hearing this they laughed the information off as school boy imagination and sent him to bed. The result of this was to be devastating in the future, the boy had fortunately written notes in his diary and unbeknown to him had been read by the father. The notes talked and gave instructions to burn everything he could to release his feelings.

Hence the fires in the home, garage and neighbours car. It seemed this boy was responsible for major fires in old building, warehouses, sheds and frighteningly a petrol station next to the office blocks. Quite naturally it seems as though everyone thought he merely had a pyrotechnical desire for fire and was a troubled boy. It has to be said this boy had in fact before these events been a model school boy if a little loud. But recent events had turned him into a retiring boy who seemed to want to burn anything in sight. The authorities were going to take major action until someone heard him say that the spirit lady told him. Luckily for him the woman inspector was a believer and recommended talking to a medium.

Having talked to the boy he revealed a secret cupboard and place for a necklace he'd found. On the face of it this seemed nothing significant but further questioning revealed that to him it was his connection to the woman. A search of the property revealed a hole in a wall concealed by the wall paper covering what was to all intense and purposes a vent hole near the ceiling and near the top of his bunk bed.

As soon as I took hold of the necklace, the boy's attitude changed and I became aware of the female entity (the nanny). Not a powerful one by any means but nevertheless requiring attention as she was an addict to detail. Giving out precise details of whom she was and why she had chosen the boy. A key factor here was the boy who’d made the connection, the necklace was merely the by way of turning on the psychic connection (a tool used to trigger a reaction for connections).

I had to convince the boy to make him believe he could remove the female entity. He believed the necklace gave him protection from her but that he couldn’t remove or throw it away. I duly wore the necklace to show she couldn't harm me; she did try but to no avail and in fact caused herself a problem in alarming my protectors to step forward.

Performing this exorcism was fairly straight forward. I gave instructions to the boy to help in the clearance of the lady as the boy needed to strengthen his own beliefs of protection. Unfortunately at the time his grasp of reality was maladjusted and I spent several weeks calling to see him and talk things through with him. He now has returned to that self assured boy of old but with a twist he now has time to talk to his guides and have his own system of communication. Thankfully he has researched his own ways of dealing with spirit and has gone on to help a few others.

The real problem however was the parents, dismissing the boy immediately after the party. Instead of helping a frightened young boy, they pushed him into an unnatural world and he turned to the first person to provide an ear of help. And he paid the price, he'd burnt things down in a misguide way. Thankfully the female inspector gave him a chance and guided by her own instincts offered a way out.

I must stress here these cases are dealt with through the proper channels before I get involved. The parents out of desperation called me, where upon we met away from the scene to check out the history. it’s also my experience that you may not really need to do too much, children have more vivid imaginations than we have and need us as adults to guide not misguide. If there was a moral to this event it’s that you should at least listen to children before dismissing it with a laugh for they are often right in spiritual matters, remember they don’t have anything to lose by telling you they seen a ghost, you might !

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. Repeated sensation of fimilarity
  2. Own instincts often by passed
  3. Unexplained psychical marks
  4. Others in family affected
  5. Witnesses at different locations
  6. Having the same thoughts and actions as another