A demon or devil in disguise

Warning: If you are confronted by a child that needs exorcising, PLEASE take into account the child. Too many people don't take time to talk to the child; you'll gain more about the child’s strength than needed about the entity

Exorcisms connected with children for reasons of legality are quite correctly very difficult and unless it’s the last cause of action should never be attempted. Not for the child but the spiritual connection with it. These energies rarely give up without a tremendous fight. Leaving both exorcist and child exhausted mentally, psychically and spiritually drained. This therefore leaves both vulnerable for the next attack, which always happens minutes after clearance.

haunted homes exorcised

A family approached us with their own case. It sounded simple at first as they explained “our whole family are awakened most nights by the constant bangs”, but then the follow up, “except it’s our children, our boy is thrown around the room and we can’t stop it”. At this my heart missed a beat for here sat in front of me a small boy who seemed to be withdrawn into another world.

haunted manor

We sat and listened; we asked the parents to sit toward the back of the room as I gently coaxed the boy to giving up his story. His elder sister sat beside him, holding his hand throughout and not once did she take her eyes off him. It then struck me this was true to most of the family sitting with me; they kept looking at him almost waiting in anticipation of him moving or starting something.

I asked very direct questions as my first thoughts were that this child was may be just unhappy and needed attention. In fact over the three hours we talked he seemed to be left out of everything, then to my surprise he offered something to me "he came to me and told me he would hurt mommy".

There it was, the reason and the hold he’d placed on this boy. The boy couldn’t let go for fear he would be blamed for his mum’s pain. Then I noticed the sickening marks and bruises on the arms, neck and fingers of the boy. At first glance you’d be mistaken for thinking this was malicious treatment from a parent, sister or someone human. But the nature of the marks and the way they were placed told me otherwise. I’d seen this very early in my life on another person without knowing at the time what was going on. That case and this brought home how easy it is to dismiss this boy’s story as human caused injuries.

Having sat with the family for almost four hours I decided that the best course of action was to remove the family away from this home. This family had a religious background and I asked them to pray to help themselves and protect their own. Without telling them I needed them out the home for safety and to see if the energy was attached fully to the boy, it might just follow them. If it did I would be on better ground, on my terms not it’s.

haunted home

As we reconvened at the brother’s home it was agreed for us all to stay in this home. It was large enough for us all to stay and observe from there. The first two nights we had nothing and then it happened I was pushed out of the way so fiercely I had no time to stop myself from falling.

The boy in front of a few of us was swept aside and hoisted in the air as if floating. There it was an angry shape defiant enough and so arrogant it had not noticed me looking straight at it. I reached out and touched it full in the face, and then I knew I’d only moments to react myself as it was taken aback by me. This angry energy was awful to touch a snake skin feel, cold clammy and alive as ever. In fact it seemed to me to ripple the air as it moved away releasing the boy into my hands. I had it and I needed to be quick and alert as I almost threw the boy at his father.

Every fibre of my body was alive and my challenge was about to begin. This energy for over three years had tormented the family and this boy to a point of humiliation. They’d been laughed at, been screened by professionals and finally their own religious leader had simply dismissed this as fantasy. Yet in front of me clearly was energy you’d call a demon and the first one in many years to really set me alive spiritually. I knew this energy was powerful it had proved its worth by harming flesh and disturbing solid doors by bending them.

I open my mouth and started my own version of a clearance. This time I knew the people around me would have to get out of my way and I yelled at the top of my voice “SIT!” (Such was the shock and tone of my voice everyone immediately sat down) and I continued my conversation to the energy. I saw this energy come close to me in a rush, but I challenged and stood my ground, I needed my full reserves to compete with this vibrant energy.

Performing this exorcism was not going to be straight forward. I understood for some reason where this energy was going to be and placed myself in its way. I hadn’t noticed until later my nose bleed caused by a severe punch to the face. I knew I had to hold on to this energy and finally caught it with both hands. It felt cold and yet very hot to touch, my thoughts stemmed from anger to violence and disgust with imagery given to me. This was the challenged laid before me and I had to keep hold. I kept talking even through severely biting my own tongue, this felt like holding on to a raging bull.

Over the next forty five minutes (a lifetime to me) I moved around the room seemingly like a mad man. But I’d got hold of something and I asked for help spiritually. The room seemed to go into slow motion as I continued to repeat the clearance procedure, I became aware of another set of arms wrapping around me also holding on to the energy. Then at the snap of your fingers both the new energy and the angry one where gone. I ran into the door frame with this release and cut my forehead in the process. I stood dazed and motionless for a minute before sliding down the door frame with relief. I must have looked a sight, nose bleed, cut tongue and cut to the head and to be honest it looked worse than it was.

I explained to those present what had happened and that their torment was now over. But we needed to rest all in one room, thus allowing our energies to combine to protect from further energies. Then I realised three people had vacated the room in the commotion, I’d missed them leaving as they were so terrified. I asked for us all to sit in the room and discuss it. Thankfully we all did. It did come to light that they themselves thought each person was conspiring to each other hyping up events and not fully believing any energy would be so cunning.

Over the next few weeks the boy required attention from professionals, his grasp of reality was temporarily maladjusted and I also spent time popping in to see him and talk things through. The real problem however was the others, dismissing the boy’s voice. Instead of helping a frightened and confused boy they pushed him into an unnatural world. And then as on lookers paid a heavy price, he did not know what to do or say. Talking to him and not at him you’d realise he was too young to invent and when he repeated his events exactly the same each time you would have known he was not lying. Sometimes we miss the simple and look for the complicated; taking a step back you would realise the solution was simple – help, aid and do not always dismiss for strength in unity helps guide.

This case has more to it and I have left out many details here to give you an overall look at this case. The book I’m writing will deal with this case in m ore detail and help you look for answers and clues to spiritual involvement or imagination. I must stress here these cases are dealt with through the proper channels before my involvement. The parents out of desperation having nowhere else to turn called me, where upon we met to discuss the details. But and here is the difficult part, It’s also my experience that you may not really need to do too much; children have more vivid imaginations than we and it’s knowing the difference that counts!

Signs of spiritual contact

  1. Early signs of nonsense talk from an innocent mind
  2. Objects moving that are too heavy for simple explanation
  3. Doors opening on their own
  4. Unexplained psychical marks with an unusual look to them
  5. Under skin marks with strange colourisation
  6. Others in family affected
  7. Solid objects affected
  8. Shapes moving